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2 minutes of free will

I find it quite amusing to ponder the concept of free will.  We make decisions in life based on what we believe to be our own free will.  We try to remove influences, and become clear about our own wants and needs.  In the end, our free will is often a reaction to what society dictates.  How do we ultimately break free from this cycle?  This is the quintessential question, isn’t it?

Life is easier when we have routines.  We wake up at the same time, we eat at the same time… there are certain set actions in our day that fall into a routine.  It is easy to let our thoughts go the same way.  Not that this is a problem… for many people it is a necessity!!!  If you are exploring the idea of free will, you must question what is compelling you to think and act a certain way and set it loose.

Changing thought patterns is a long and drawn out process, but it can be done by almost anyone who chooses.  Spending two minutes a day with your thoughts and observing the patterns they follow is a helpful tool.  Maybe you wake up, and quickly begin thinking about your agenda for the day.  This leads you to start worrying about this or that, and you find your self ruminating about the same thing as you always ruminate about in the same way without any resolution.  How do we change this?

a simple exercise…

When you catch yourself overthinking something or back on the same thought train that just goes around in circles stop yourself short.  Take a deep breath, and ask yourself ‘is this a thought, or a feeling?’  Do not try to identify the feeling if it is, simply identify it.  Now look at the thought like a cloud in the sky, and watch it pass. Take one or two deep breaths, and I can guess you will be back on the thought train again before long.  Once again, persist in stopping, identifying a thought or feeling, breathing nice and deep, and watching it pass… Two minutes is all it takes.  Once a day, maybe you start doing so throughout the day when you catch yourself tied up in a thought pattern, or maybe at night before you go to bed you use this tool to settle your mind.

This blog is going to express the journey that has been happening on paper and in my brain for the last four years.  I began researching and writing about the simplicity in medicine and self healing, and the complexities that we layer on top of that to avoid the process.  I had written what probably could have been three books or more, then I did the same thing myself and layered tasks and distractions on top of my mission.  They felt important, and they felt like they needed to happen, and perhaps they did.  Perhaps the tasks, lessons, and relationships that developed out of the work of the last three years is going to reflect a new perspective. Or perhaps those people and events needed mine.  Either way, I exhibited my free will and got involved.  Quickly learning that I’d gotten myself into something bigger than I could manage. Now my free will, and hopefully my willpower will keep me on task.  This is my two minutes a day…

time once again for reflection…

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