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2 minutes to better health - lemon water


I have noticed through my years in practice that the individuals who have the most success in treatment are those who do their home care.  It is difficult to find the time to commit to self-care, and for many of us we are going from morning until evening.

We have to honor what serves us, and for each of us that might be something different.  I am going to use this blog to provide health tips that take two minutes a day or less, and that can have profound effects on our health.

The first of these tips is lemon water.  I have heard a number of different uses for lemon water, and how to take it.  The most effective way to drink lemon water is to start with 3-5 drops of lemon in room temperature water first thing in the morning.  Waiting 30 minutes before eating or drinking anything allows the gallbladder to flush out excess bile and toxins into the system.  Lemon is also very alkaline, so it is great for acidity or balancing PH.  Recent studies have shown that cancer cells grow in an acidic environment, so lemon water is also a great cancer prevention. Lemon is high in vitamin c, and potassium so it is great for the immune system, cleans the blood and can help moderate blood pressure.

As you get into the cleanse, you can increase the amount of lemon you use gradually until you are using a teaspoon or 1/4 lemon.  If you use too much at the beginning, you may find that you get very aggravated.  Even if you use lemon regularly, you will suffer this effect if you use too much. Drinking it in the morning is different.

Please note that the lemon must be fresh, not the plastic squeeze lemon.  Squeeze lemon is highly acidic and provides none of the above listed health benefits.

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