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Gratitude and shifting consciousness

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to all of those individuals who have supported my journey through this incredible process of raising my own awareness and shifting consciousness to where I am today.  Of course, there is so much work still to be done… there always will be.  But I do try to […]

No carbs, no sugar... no problem

Day 2 To be honest, day two was not very memorable in terms of food. I felt pretty normal in the morning… a bit tired as I stayed up beyond when my body wanted to sleep. I’m not sure if that is because I’ve cut sugar and carbs from my diet or not.

I decided […]

Metabolism and how it is effected by carbs

So, the very low carb diet that I am following is based on the book “the Metabolism Miracle” by Dianne Kress.

Her theory makes total sense, although she is very focussed on weight loss rather than my own concerns of insulin resistance, high cortisol and hypothyroid.  The idea is that by only eating 5 […]

The journey to better digestive health - a tour from vegan to paleo

Oh life is such a wonderful journey!!  The ups and downs, the successes and losses and the moments in between are what make this life so rich.  We are so fortunate to be conscious beings with the ability to be aware of our circumstances with the understanding of how to change and improve them.

With […]

2 minutes for better eyes

Two minutes a day to improve my eyesight?

Eye exercises

Eye exercises are very simple and can make the difference between glasses and no glasses, or sharpen weakening vision.  They can also help with floaters, tired eyes, and general fatigue.

YES.  Two minutes a day to improve your eyesight.  It is so easy, like so […]

2 minutes of free will

I find it quite amusing to ponder the concept of free will.  We make decisions in life based on what we believe to be our own free will.  We try to remove influences, and become clear about our own wants and needs.  In the end, our free will is often a reaction to what society […]

2 minutes to better health - lemon water


I have noticed through my years in practice that the individuals who have the most success in treatment are those who do their home care.  It is difficult to find the time to commit to self-care, and for many of us we are going from morning until evening.

We have to honor what serves […]