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2 minutes for holistic health

Staying on the 2 minutes theme, I take this opportunity to provide the link for a recent Toronto survey about body rub parlours and holistic centres in the city of Toronto.

It seems a bit ludicrous that body rub parlours and holistic centres would be mentioned in the same article, never mind the same sentence.  We have been struggling with this by-law for years, and it has limited the capacity for shiatsu therapists to practise their art in many cases.  For example, one cannot own a holistic centre if they are not a practitioner.  However, one has to have studied holistic medicine and be in good standing with a professional association to be a holistic practitioner. There are many gray areas, but I know one clinic that was told they could not have shiatsu therapists working there because the owner was not a practitioner and therefore couldn’t have a holistic centre.  So in fact it is restricting our right to practise.

For the record, the only shiatsu therapy programs in Toronto are 2200 hours, which is the same training as Registered Massage Therapists.  Yet, an RMT can currently study for 30 hours and receive a piece of paper that says they have studied shiatsu.  The system is very skewed.  We need to start nipping this in the bud, and the problem is that this set of issues has reduced the number of practising shiatsu therapists by more than half in ten years.

If you have had shiatsu, and enjoy the treatment or its benefits we would be grateful if you could show your support by filling out this survey.  It will literally take two minutes of your time.

thank you!!!

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