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eye exercises

Two minutes a day to improve my eyesight?

Eye exercises

Eye exercises are very simple and can make the difference between glasses and no glasses, or sharpen weakening vision.  They can also help with floaters, tired eyes, and general fatigue.

YES.  Two minutes a day to improve your eyesight.  It is so easy, like so many health matters.

You can do this anywhere… so get ready for the easiest thing you have ever done for yourself!!

Start in a relaxed position, laying down, sitting up, it doesn’t really matter.  Begin the eye exercise by averting your eyes up, as far as you can.  Look into your eyelids and feel the strain on your eyes.  Allow your head to shift slightly, but do not make the movement starting from your head.  Hold for 5 seconds to start, then look down.  Once again, looking at your lower lid and allowing your head to bow slightly.  Holding for five seconds.  next, looking to one side with a slight shift in your head and a strain and again to the other side holding each for about five seconds.  Finally, make a circle with your eyes, stretching your sight line through the full three hundred and sixty five degrees of your vision.

Repeat this eye exercise five times, two or three times per day.  Gradually increase the holding of each position to about 10 seconds.  Watch your eyesight sharpen within days!!  Continue the practise to keep the ocular muscles strong whenever you feel your eyes tired or weak, and these eye exercises will strengthen your eyes!!

You should feel an immediate effect with this exercise.  It is also helpful when doing a long drive, and the eyes become tired from staring at the road for hours on end.


Here is a helpful video which demonstrates the exercises…



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