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the Metabolism adventure

So, the very low carb diet that I am following is based on the book “the Metabolism Miracle” by Dianne Kress.

Her theory makes total sense, although she is very focussed on weight loss rather than my own concerns of insulin resistance, high cortisol and hypothyroid.  The idea is that by only eating 5 net carbs every 5 hours, the body learns how to break down its own fat stores and re-learns how to recognize the fats and sugars.  This is a simplified version of insulin resistance.  Either way, it is a stress response in the body and it makes sense.

The carb-free journey is a scary one to think about.  I thought that it would be easy for me, but when I first committed to doing it and realized everything that I would have to eliminate from my diet I felt crushed.


I’m not sure if today qualifies as the first day of this diet.  yesterday I found out about the “Metabolism Miracle” and thought to myself that I would start this diet after Ontario fruit season was over.  So I started this day as any other, breakfast was a low fat half decaf latte and a protein shake.  My protein shake qualifies for this diet as the ‘Net Carb’ is less than 5, but I did have sugar in my coffee. My next stop was the Osteopath, where she gave me a grim look and told me that my organs felt ‘dead’.  Never the message you want to hear.  Right away, she said “forget about your knee… we need to get you your health…” and immediately told me to cut ALL carbs out of my diet for two weeks.  My liver and pancreas would reset, and hopefully start my kidneys working properly as well. Then of course she gave me a referral for a new surgeon.

*segway* Frank… you failed me!! My right ACL is not all there… no end feel on the joint which is not good.  It hurts a bit, definitely it was sore for a week but as soon as I brought out the brace and started doing acupuncture on myself the pain all but disappeared.  Before that, I was liberally applying ‘the magic purple cream’

the best shit. ever.



My Osteopaths reaction was a bit harsh, but I got the message.  And I know… I’ve been feeling horrible for months. I wasn’t surprised when my Dr told me that my bloodwork came back as Hypothyroid and my cortisol was through the roof.  I’ve been working like a fiend for two years now, way beyond what is realistic and normal for one person.  Since last fall, I knew that I needed to slow down and catch my breath and do a little less.  The projects that I was working on are just so amazing and exciting, and a lot of work!  I really wanted to see them all though to fruition and looked for ways to make that happen.

OK back to the diet…

DAY 1: home from the osteopath appointment, I looked in my fridge and saw that the only food which qualified for my diet were some wrinkled up kale, cucumbers, cheese and some leftover steak.  OK so shopping needs to happen… lunch for me was a couple of slices of cheese and some cucumber. I went about packing and getting ready for my move and lost track of time.  The next I knew it was time to get the load of stuff to the Goodwill.  As a treat for my son and I, we went to the local poolhall/chinese restauraunt.  Wings!! perfect!  So we had wings and chow mein for dinner.

Boo, the wings were battered… nice try

well, day one was not perfect.



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