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The journey to better digestive health - a tour from vegan to paleo

Oh life is such a wonderful journey!!  The ups and downs, the successes and losses and the moments in between are what make this life so rich.  We are so fortunate to be conscious beings with the ability to be aware of our circumstances with the understanding of how to change and improve them.

With all of that intelligence, humans can still be pretty dumb.  We resist what we know helps us, and continue with habits that we know are harming us.  We are the only species that kills for sport, and apparently we find amusement in watching our fellow humans create suffering for others – either fictional like the movies or questionably true through the screens of our television.  Some even go right to the frontlines to observe this phenomenon.  oh, humanity.


Yet with all of this intelligence we still do not always do what is best for us.  Why?  I would say there are two main reasons.  1.  We are creatures of habit 2. We are a pleasure seeking species.  How do we break good habits?  By teaching ourselves to not enjoy them any more, and by using large amounts of self discipline to stay on course.

I have been suffering with digestive issues since I was a teenager.  Growing up in the country before the internet, there were very few resources available to us to learn about basic digestive health issues except the family doctor.  When the medical route failed, I turned to advice from my chiropractor on what to do next.  I was advised to try an elimination diet.  Sage advice!!  So off I went, eliminating everything out of my diet until I was left with  green vegetables.  Well, obviously I was not going to survive on green vegetables and at this point I was going off to college where more information was readily available.  Veganism was very cool at the time, so it was a perfect fit.    Like many vegetarians/vegans in college who are young and stupid, my diet consisted of beer, pasta, and tofu with veggies.  My digestive health improved in time, and eventually I began to add fish and chicken.

After twelve years of this diet I had a child and found myself energetically depleted.  After receiving bloodwork and tests from a naturopath, I was instructed to start doing blood building supplements, B12 shots, and that I might just have to eat a bit of meat as I was an O bloodtype.

So, yet another shift occurred and I began to eat tiny amounts of meat again.  Eventually, I moved right back into a diet of eating everything and started to see bloating and sluggishness again.  (bouts of gastro attacks have been happening throughout this process, they did not get worse) So, from hearing about the latest craze of gluten intolerance, this seemed to make sense for me.  So, six months of no gluten… leading to worsening of symptoms every time I ate a gluten free carb.  Argh… So, strike wheat, corn, soy, spelt and who knows what else off the list.  Of course, once you eliminate something out of your diet you quickly become intolerant to it.  So, I started back slowly with sprouted bread for convenience sake and occasional pasta and breads keeping them as clean as possible.

More recently I have been diagnosed with Hypothyroid Disease and Adrenal Exhaustion.  As a result of the side effects, I have re-injured my knee and am simply not recovering.  I’ve now been instructed to do a ketogenic diet, all but eliminating carbs from my diet for 2 weeks to two months.

I’ve decided to blog the journey…kneetake2

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