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No carbs, no sugar... no problem

Day 2
To be honest, day two was not very memorable in terms of food. I felt pretty normal in the morning… a bit tired as I stayed up beyond when my body wanted to sleep. I’m not sure if that is because I’ve cut sugar and carbs from my diet or not.

I decided to boil a bunch of eggs – good quick sources of protein. Unfortunately, last winter I realized that eggs give me foul gas. So, I’d all but stopped eating them. Even when I ate foods with eggs in it I would be gassy. But somehow they were calling me, and so I wondered if maybe they would be ok…

I haven’t mentioned my supplements yet… I started taking some supplements as soon as I found out about my thyroid and cortisol. I immediately took everything off of my plate as quickly as possible, started sleeping, and taking down time. On top o f that I went to the health store and finger tested supplements. Finger testing is a technique that I learned from my studies with Ted Saito through his Shin So Shiatsu training.

I am taking Nutra Sea EPA and DHA omega 3

AlgaeCal plant calcium with magnesium and vitamin D

THYROsmart – its full of trace minerals and iodine

I then bought the e-book

All morning I was running back and forth to my computer, checking the carb value of various foods. I was sad to see that I couldn’t eat and red or orange veggies, except a little bit of red pepper, small amounts of tomatoe, and spaghetti squash. Well, it is temporary… and by the time it is actually the right season for those veg I will be eating them again!!


With my newfound knowledge, I went to one of my favourite grolamb burger

cery stores, Lady York Foods and stocked up on veg. I wanted carb free things to snack on, as well as some nice veg and salad to go with the salmon I had thawing for a BBQ at my brother’s house. I spent my afternoon resting and lounging by the pool, ending with a bunch of brisk laps. We fired up the BBQ, the boys got roasted potatoes and we otherwise ate the same dinner of green salad with green onion, raddicchio, red leaf lettuce, cucumber and a lemon balsamic olive oil dressing with brussels sprouts and grilled salmon. I was not impressed with the salmon. My brother thought it was overcooked… my son said it was rubbery, and I thought it was gross. I looked more closely at the packaging… made in China. What? I usually bought my meat fresh and ethical, so this was a hard pill to swallow. I had picked these fillets up at Costco because they were individually packaged and looked really nice. The packaging was pretty, and impressive if you don’t read the small print. We all fall into the trap! The rest of the salmon sadly went in the green bin.

My evening involved diving into the Metabolsim Miracle. So far I have had the process of reprogramming the metabolism explained to me in general, and I’m in the first of three phases. The first two phases are two months each, so I guess I will see how the rest of the book resonates with me. I got to the point where I started to see some recipes for the first phase, and I’m impressed. Less than 5 net grams of carb per 5 hours is not very much. I am going to basically go carb free, and assume that any unknowns in sauces and whatnot will be my 5g.

According to the Metabolism Miracle, today was supposed to be the tired day. I go myself prepared to feel sluggish and set myself up for a difficult day.

The first thing that I did was that I habitually put sugar in my coffee… I quickly realized it and gave it to my son. ‘I can do this no sugar in my coffee thing…’ I’ve already gone half decaf in the morning, now I’m moving toward mostly decaf, we’ll see how that goes. The taste of coffee without sugar will certainly curb my urge to drink it. No problem…

Breakfast started with a boiled egg – no gas and I’m realizing that I no longer am experiencing the uncomfortable gas that I was previously suffering from (or should I say everyone else was suffering from 🙂

This is the point when I actually decided that I needed to blog about this experience. This might be quite the journey!!

My first trip to the store on this diet was astounding. Looking around at everything, all I could see was what I couldn’t eat. Shopping had become a real chore, reading labels and realizing that other than fresh foods, green vegetables meat and dairy a no carb diet was quite limiting.

At dinner I realized that I’d regained my sense of taste. This is why the salmon tasted so obviously terrible to me. I hadn’t actually realized that my sense of taste had been dulled, but it made sense as to why I hadn’t had an appetite for several months.

I didn’t feel so tired today, I don’t know what that book is talking about



Day 4
Today I feel a bit more energy, and I’m happy to have my sense of taste back.


This day started with a beautiful breakfast omelette of leftover lamb, feta, and spinach burger with a bit more feta, red peppers, kale, onions and zucchini. It was too much food so it also became lunch. It was so delish!! I don’t know if it was so much better than anything else, or if I am just tasting everything so much better. I thought I’d just lost my appetite, but apparently I lost my taste for food as well.


The day was busy and a bit stressful. It is the first time that I have felt myself going into that stressed state since starting this diet, and I did not enjoy it. I had a second decaf coffee just after noon, but still felt mildly headachey. In the early afternoon I realized what I was feeling – sugar craving!! It would have been so easy to fall off the wagon at that point, or at any point today. My afternoon snack was some cucumber and hummus, and cottage cheese. Then I had to do some errands which took much longer than expected and I needed to eat. I crashed really hard, could hardly lift my head up and felt really crappy. I started to second guess this process, and what I was doing to myself.



Dinner was yummy. I warmed up some of the chicken breast that I’d prepared the other day, and had fajitas without the bread… chicken, salsa, cheese, guacomole wrapped in lettuce leaf. Yummers!!



lettuce tacos


This day is starting off with the old feeling of fatigue, stress, and an overall sense of ugh. I wish I could say that the euphoric feeling of the first three days had continued, but it hasn’t. The book cited day three as the hardest day, but day four was definitely rough for me. I know that I’m dealing with some deeper health issues, and in the middle of a move as well so I shouldn’t expect things to be perfect… but I liked how I was feeling!!

Breakfast was a decaf coffee, hard boiled egg, cucumber, a couple of slices of cheddar and a slice of salami. Today is going to be a good day… but I am really feeling super fatigued. I hope there is a time for me to take an acu-nap!!

A friend showed up for dinner with ‘sugar and carb free’ truffles. Well, it is not completely, as the centre of the trufffle is made with a raspberry reduction. Hmmmm….. the dilemma… what are the chances that I can have a sliver of this truffle without disrupting my diet? I can’t disappoint my friend, he spent ages in his workshop developing this truffle especially for me. I cut the truffle in half, then took a wedge of it. As I was raising it to my nose I could smell raspberry. It was like I’d just nudged a raspberry bush the smell was so fresh. So, I popped it into my mouth, and my first sensation was creamy dark chocolately paradise.mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!! Next came the raspberry. Intense, like sweet concentrated raspberry puree and it stayed in my mouth as the chocolate taste went down. I’m not sure if its just because my tastebuds are acutely aware or if that truly was the best truffle I have ever eaten. Even if it was just a sliver!! I will save the rest for later…


The day before moving day… so, I woke up pretty rested and felt normal in the morning. For breakfast I had some cottage cheese and a hard boiled egg, as well as some cucumber slices. I’m starting to get used to coffee without sugar, which I never thought was possible. My day of food was pretty insubstantial except that I made sure that I had no carbs so that I could justify having a quarter of a truffle after lunch and dinner. I also had wine in the afternoon as today is the day before I move so it was pretty intense. No cravings or different feelings in my body to speak of. Lunch was the rest of the lettuce leaf tacos, and dinner was leftover steak with leftover spaghetti squash with sauteed veg on top and salad with leftover chicken on top. Delicious use of leftovers and an empty fridge for the move!!

DAY 7-22

Not much different. I really thought that making this substantial diet change would be much more difficult and that there would be more notable changes.

Today is softball playoffs. I am going away for a week vacation in two days, and have decided to give myself a break and eat fresh fruit and rice and beans while away. Thinking about the diet in Costa Rica, I cannot imagine how I would be able to be sugar and carb free while there without a lot of cooking and hassle. So for that reason, I am going to try to stick with my diet during our barbeque but I am also going to forgive myself if I don’t.


As it turns out, except for marinades on the barbequed meats, it was very easy to stay with the diet, I bought a bunch of tapas, made some salads so there was plenty of options. The only possible cheat were the marinades on the meats but I feel that they were not overly sweet.

Truth of the matter is that I feel better overall and with the stress of moving and settling into a new place this blog once again took a back seat.

…jumping ahead…

DAY 24-31

Costa Rica rest and relaxation. I gave up the idea of staying with my diet while always being cognizant of my options. Breakfast was rice, beans, eggs and fruit. A couple of mornings I also had a tortilla so I definitely failed miserably on breakfast. Other than that, I drank coconut water and ate regular and small amounts of lychee, and some coconut jelly. I also ate plantain when offered with my meals but tried to keep my rice and bean consumption to a minimum except for breakfast.




DAY 32

Back to the metabolism diet. The transition back to the diet was very easy, and I felt immediately better. Funny, as I know that we need sugar and carbs in the long term for survival but right now my body seems quite happy to go without. In fact, I ate way less fruit on my vacation that I expected. I simply love exotic tropical fruits.

Day 37

Today I retested my thyroid. My feeling is that overall I am better, but not where I would like to be. My biggest concern is actually that the test will come back normal and that my doctor will not hear me when I talk about how I am feeling overall. I have come to terms with the idea of taking thyroid medication to try to get my body functioning a little better without having to work so hard as it seems that my thyroid has been a little high for a few years.

DAY 39

Thyroid results in. As I felt and hoped, my thyroid had improved in a somewhat substantial way but is still too high. So my bloodwork reflects how I feel. Interesting when I think about it that my thyroid pattern also follows the pattern of when I am having regular acupuncture treament. Although the acupuncture did not fix the thyroid and bring it to normal, it certainly kept it balanced and consistent… and helped some.

I have come to terms with the idea of taking thyroid medication in anticipation that I will start to feel well again. Here is hoping. In the meantime, I have 26 days left in my metabolism diet. I may as well see it through and take advantage of the health benefits of this program. Hopefully within the next couple of weeks I will find the energy to start exercising again and can begin to burn more fat as well.

DAYS 40-46
Started taking a very low dose of thyroid medication, but determined that I will continue to take natural supplements and do what I can to support my deficiencies. I am hoping that I can get off the medication once my system has balanced itself.

DAY 46
Wii fit age 34, 141 lbs and that’s how I feel. That, and hugely relieved. Only 13 more days on the first phase of the Metabolism Diet, then I’ll move into the second phase which is 11-20 net grams of carbs every five hours. Looking forward to having some treats!!

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