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shiatsu adventure

ok. as it does sometimes, the desire to write has entered my system. I realize that I’m about to embark on a grand adventure. Well, I haven’t been on a grand adventure for a long time, but this one feels more like a pilgrimmage.

I had set my sights on a shiatsu conference in Switzerland, which the topic this year would be the business of shiatsu. In the process of deciding to go to Europe, I also decided that I couldn’t possibly go to Europe without visiting my good friend Catherine who happens to live in Barcelona… which happens to be the city in Europe I most wish to visit.


A couple of months ago I realized that if I didn’t try to raise the funds to go to this conference, it was most likely not going to happen. I have volunteered so much of my time and energy into the preservation into what has become a rather frail shiatsu community over the last three years, and I was feeling like this was a worthwhile cause. I was hoping that funds could have been raised through my association but it became abundantly clear that it was going to be my own project. So, I got the guts up to do some crowdfunding, and put it out into the universe. To my utter shock and disbelief, I had over 50% of the funds raised within three days. Amazing!! Apparently people believe in me, and in shiatsu. Now, just 24 hours before I board the plane I have fundraised the whole trip. How incredible is that? I am infinitely grateful to everyone who has stood behind me now, and also all of the way through this journey.


As life does sometimes throw us some twists and turns I am lucky enough to have learned a little bit (and I do mean a little bit) about navigating these paths. Since last December my brother has been in Thailand, somewhat stranded there from a back surgery that did not go as was hoped. We are not completely surprised as it is his ninth back surgery and no-one should have nine back surgeries. However he has, and he is there. His friends who he travelled there with left in April and he has been left alone with an ipad, a magic jack, and a world of pain. He has been trying to stay positive, although as his family we know that he is suffering greatly on all levels. On top of the back surgery, he can’t seem to beat the infections that he keeps getting. From a medical perspective, this is tissue necrosis which is what can happen when there is too much trauma to nerve and muscle tissue. The tissue simply dies, and the body has to try to remove the dead cells. It is very hard on the system and it gets overloaded, causing infection. My whole family has been worried sick about him for months, and feeling very helpless.


When I realized that most of my Switzerland trip was going to be funded, I decided to look into what it would cost me to continue my flight to Thailand to visit my brother there, and to give him treatments to hopefully help him get more strength. To my utter disbelief the ticket was not much more than the flight to Geneva. I quickly booked that ticket before it went up in price. Since then, more good keeps flowing in as my cousin who is a nurse and very close to both my brother and myself has decided to come along on the journey with her daughter. Amazing! A support system!


So, here I am the eve before my flight doing all of my last minute packing and trying to remember everything that I forgot before packing my friends car to go to the airport tomorrow.


… let the adventure begin…

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