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Change of seasons and all that comes with it

Fall is such a beautiful time of the year, with the cooler temperatures and changing leaves. I love going up north strolling through the hills, taking in the crisp air and the incredible bouquet of colours as the changing season delivers its magic.

Colds and flu are also rampant during the change of season. As our bodies are working hard to adjust to the weather change (and lets face it, our minds as well) it is all too easy to over dress, under dress, catch a chill and end up sick. Its hard to know if what we have caught is viral or bacterial, but either way there are certain things we can do to protect ourselves, and those around us.

to avoid the flu:
– wash your hands regularly… not a rinse under the tap, but a minimum of 20 seconds with soap under running water
-eat your wheaties … start taking supplements including Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and if you are particularly succeptable, there are homeopathic flu treatments available at the health food store.
– dress appropriately… its the perfect time to start carrying extra layers in our handbag or leave a sweater or a scarf in the car
– cover your neck … yes mom was right. You have a very vulnerable area at the back of the neck, in traditional cultures, it is called the ‘wind gate’

to avoid spreading the virus:
-stay home … lots to catch up on? Too bad!! STAY AT HOME If you have a virus and go outside, you are putting everyone who comes into contact you at risk. If you have a big team project due, it is not going to be done any faster if you infect your entire team and they end up at home sick too.
-fever? – lots of rest and liquids. Stay hydrated, stay in bed, catch up on Netflix or whatever you need to
-wash your hands… see above
-reschedule appointments… nothing is that important and whoever you are supposed to meet will appreciate your consideration

Here’s a link to a good article about staying healthy during cold and flu season:,,20250939,00.html

Always remember that there are many people who have compromised immune systems and what might be a little bit of inconvenience for you might be a serious health risk to them. It is important to watch for signs of the flu (clammy feeling, scratchy throat, fatigue) at this time of the year and to stay rested, eat well and most importantly…

live life well
best wishes, stay healthy!

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