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Cupping course descriptions are below. To register, please visit :

CUPPING LEVEL 1 – for Manual Therapists

6 hours, 3 CEU

What we will cover:

  • indications and contraindications of cupping therapy
  • clinical application of cupping therapy
  • practical application of stationary and sliding cupping
  • basic treatment protocols
  • history and current views on cupping

Cupping therapy has been used for thousands of years throughout Europe and Asia. It is an effective tool to increase circulation of blood and lymph, as well as release tension in both the muscular and fascial system.

Requirements: you must be a Registered Health Practitioner, or have training in anatomy and physiology and an understanding of the body systems.

Limited spaces available – Price of $225 plus HST includes set of silicone cups.

To register, please visit :

CUPPING LEVEL 2 – Integrated Dry Cupping Techniques

Course requirements:
  • You must have complete Cupping 1, or a minimum of 6 hours of cupping therapy training
  • You must have at least 50 hours of study in anatomy and physiology
  • Experience in acupuncture or manual therapy
  • you must be a Registered Health Practitioner, or have a minimum 50 hours training in anatomy and physiology and an understanding of the body systems.
  • Students must have their own set of silicone cups, or purchase at an additional cost
Course description – what we will cover:
  • differentiating excess and deficient, heat and cold conditions with cupping therapy
  • cupping protocols for treating colds, cough, asthma and lung conditions
  • using cupping to treat myofascial conditions
  • advanced techniques in gliding, stationary, and fast cupping
  • treatment protocols for shoulder conditions
  • treatment protocols for lower back, hip, and IT band issues
  • treating digestive and menstrual disorders
  • facial cupping

Cupping therapy has been used for thousands of year throughout Europe and Asia. It is an effective tool to increase circulation of blood and lymph, as well as release tension in both the muscular and fascial system.

This course will go more deeply into cupping techniques to treat specific conditions

$199 plus HST – includes The Cupping Revolution book

To register, please visit :


16 Hours, 8 CEU Category A


During this 16 hour course, students will learn a brief history of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Five Elements, and the 12 Meridians. Each of the 12 Meridians, and their pathways will be discussed. Participants will track, and learn how to palpate the meridians. Along with the Meridian Pathways (Channels) the organ reflex areas on the front and the back will also be demonstrated. Students will learn the signs and symptoms of Meridian and element imbalance, and an introduction on how to differentiate between meridian imbalances.

A course manual, and certificate of attendance will be provided.

This course will serve as a prerequisite course for all Elemental Balance, Meridian Therapy, Acupressure, and Shiatsu courses offered by the Meridian Therapy Institute.


February 11 and 12, 2017 Toronto
9-6 pm each day

March 2017 in Tobago

Tobago Retreat Itinerary (subject to change)

March 6-8, 2017

  • Monday 9-1, 5-7
  • Tuesday, Wednesday 9-11, 3-5
  • Participants will learn one element set per session including meridian pathways, reflex areas, main indications of balance/imbalance and assessment techniques.

Cost $359 plus HST | Booking deadline December 30, 2017

Maximum number of participants in this workshop is 8 people
Accommodation is booked through Kariwak Holistic haven. Mention you are with the workshop (Lisa Dowling’s group). Flights are with one stop, either in New York or Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago)

For more information please contact




30 hours 15 Category A CEU.


May 2016

  • Sundays May 8, 15, 22, 11-5
  • Mondays May 9, 16, 23, 9-1

October 2016

  • Sundays October 16,23, 30 11-5
  • Mondays Oct 17, 24, 31 9-1

Cost $495 plus HST | $450 if booked before September 15

What we will cover:

  • key acupressure points (60 in total) and their locations
  • basic treatment protocols
  • basic history of eastern medicine
  • acupuncture theory
  • treatment techniques
  • increase your ability to treat conditions
  • broaden your intent
  • deepen your palpation skills

You will receive:

  • Extensive notes including TCM theory, points and locations, protocols
  • Acupuncture point location and their effects
  • Treatment Protocols for various health conditions
  • 30 hours of comprehensive instruction
  • Access to online materials (when available)
  • Certificate of attendance

Students will work in pairs to practice techniques


12 hours 6 Category A CEU



February 2016

  • Sunday Feb 21 12-6 pm
  • Sunday Feb 28 12-6 pm

September 2016

  • Sunday Sept 18, 12-6 pm
  • Sunday Sept 25, 12-6 pm


  • Sunday October 2, 12-6 pm
  • Monday October 3, 9-3 pm

$150 plus HST for both days | $100 plus HST for day one | $75 without moxa kit EARLY BIRD BEFORE AUGUST 1 $120 plus HST for both days

Moxibustion is an amazing modality to help manage clients chronic and acute pain, injury recovery, treat nervous system problems, fatigue and more!! Most famous for helping to turn breech babies, the Miraculous Pivot (famous Classic Chinese Medicine text) states that “a disease that may not be treated by acupuncture may be treated by moxibustion.”

This 8 hour course will give participants a little history, discuss the uses of moxa, and treatment protocols for a number of conditions. These include fractures, sprains, strains, frozen shoulder, low back pain, shin splints, breech, infertility, fatigue, and autoimmune conditions.

Materials included : starter moxa kit ($25 value), over 15 pages of notes with treatment protocols, points and locations, and conditions to treat with moxibustion.



February 26-March 4 2017

yoga studio

yoga studio

Join us in beautiful, sunny Tobago for our deliciously relaxing yoga and wellness retreat. We will be offering 4 hours daily of yoga, stretching, and core workshops as well as each participant will receive a one hour therapeutic treatment of their choice. For more information check out

please contact Lisa Dowling | | (416) 986-3429


Your Instructor

Lisa Dowling BA, R Ac, has been practicing Eastern Bodywork since 1997, and teaching since 2006. She has spent the last ten years running a Wellness Centre as well as treating thousands of patients with great success. Lisa brings her wealth of knowledge into the classroom using case studies and examples has her teaching tools. Her teaching style is down to earth and relatable. Lisa has studied Massage and Acupuncture, as well as having earned a Dipl ST in Shiatsu Therapy. Currently she is studying to be an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner. Her great expanse of knowledge on both sides of the classroom helps her understand the needs of both students and instructors.IMG_5326

Here’s what students say…

I have done several courses over the past few years with Lisa and I can unequivocally recommend her courses. Lisa has amazing intuition backed up with thorough knowledge. We need a teacher that we can tune our skills with so we can fully perform the techniques in all of their subtle dimensions, the reason we started in the first place. Sadly, this is too often not possible which makes Lisa a treasure here in our little Toronto. She also has fantastic original insights and an inspired approach to treatment.
Christopher M.

I had Lisa as my instructor for multiple courses over a period of two years at the Shiatsu School of Canada and they were the classes that I saw the most success in…Lisa is a superb communicator whose course work and expectations had always been made easy to understand. I found her to be highly knowledgeable regarding health care / auxiliary health care, often being able to provide real life examples of challenging client cases and how to best handle them. She showed great dedication to her students …Even now as a healthcare professional I consider Lisa a valuable contact and I feel lucky to have had her as an instructor.
Charlie C.

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